Investment Opportunity New VirtacoinPlus Wallet

Old Virtacoin revised to VirtacoinPlus.

What is VirtaCoinPlus?

An Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet in 2017.

VirtaCoinPlus is the newer version of the well known VirtaCoin which was launched back in July 1, 2014.

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However, due to lack of developer support and constant technical problems affecting the coin including the most recent broken blockchain issue, the VirtaCoin community which tried to fix the broken chain but without success, decided to create a more promising version of the older coin and turn it into an Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet.

What’s Different In VirtaCoinPlus?

An Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet in2017.

Unlike the older VirtaCoin, VirtaCoinPlus was created to bring about the actualization of the vision of the community which is to create a coin that truly reaches and help make it an Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet and improve the lives of people across the world – hence it is called the People’s Coin!

VirtaCoinPlus comes with great improvements and significant changes geared toward an Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet and become the coin to rise in value over the next year.

Unlike the former, VirtaCoinPlus boasts of great community support that’ll ensure it becomes a successful Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet.  It also comes packed with interesting improvements like faster transactions, a Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithm, a better blockchain and block exploer, a strong community, and a host of other great services that sets it on the path of greatness.
Next in line is are the major technical specifications of the new VirtaCoin Plus.

An Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet in 2017.

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    • Short: XVP
    • Total coin: 100 Million coin cap.
    • X11 hashing algorithm
    • Block time: 1 minute
    • diff. retarget 15 blocks
    • premine 9M
    • POW reward 30 XVP per Block
    • Stake Interest: 7%
    • Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet. Start Home Business To-Day

      an Investment Opportunity With VirtacoinPlus Wallet and improve the lives of people across the world – hence it is called the People’s Coin!

    Virtacoin Shopping Mall Goes Live In India

    Virtacoin Shopping Mall Goes Live.  Online Shopping Giant EBAY Accepts VIRTACOIN in India

    Mall Proof click here

    This week, the First Virtacoin Shopping Mall Goes Live….

    Virtacoin Shopping Mall Users have Already Bought First Real Products With Virtacoin…Its Simply Amazing……We Can Compare It With BITCOINS First Real Use Of Buying Pizza With Bitcoin…..VIRTCOIN is Moving In Same Direction….Hop aboard for the ride of your life ” Financially ”

    Virtacoin Shopping Mall is Creating Its Own Way……In the Next Few Days Online Shopping Giant EBAY is Going To Accept VIRTACOIN Cryptocurrency to pay for products  Which Is one Giant Step for Virtacoin holders…..If you would like a safe and easy way to acquire VirtaCoin visit the VirtaCoin Promotion Fund.

    One large Company Who Offered it’s services to Bitcoin For The First Time Is Setting Up Block Explorer And Payment Gateway For VIRTACOIN……I think it’s time to buy Virtacoin and get in before the price skyrockets beyond our reach.  I have a feeling that’s not too far away.  Buy Virtacoin here now >>

    Some Big Hong Kong Companies are Setting Up Big Mining Riggs For VIRTACOIN Which Will help VIRTACOIN value  rise even more…. The time to buy Virtacoin is to-day not tomorrow. I repeat the time to buy Virtacoin is to-day not tomorrow…

    VIRTACOIN WILL KEEP INCREASING IN VALUE AND MOMENTUM as more and more people and businesses turn to Cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases. Virtacoin Shopping Mall and Cryptocurrency gets rid of the middleman that takes a big junk of your paper money. Examples are  Western Union,  Changing your money to other country’s money, high interest rates, etc. Virtacoin has no borders, can be used all over the world. It’s the peoples Coin.

    If you would like a safe and easy way to acquire VirtaCoin visit the VirtaCoin Promotion Fund.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone reading this TO BUY as much VIRTACOINS AS YOU CAN TO_DAY “NOW” and get ready to use the Virtacoin Shopping Mall …..YOU MIGHT NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO BUY VIRTACOIN ONCE THE COST OF VIRTACOIN RISES OUT OF OUR PRICE RANGE> You can buy or mine Virtacoin to-day for approx. [ 7 million Virtacoins for $100.00 USD] BITCOIN IS NOW AROUND $430.00 PER COIN. YOU DO THE MATH.

    Bitcoins BitGive is fundraising now for 2016 to build a Donation Transparency Platform, the inaugural project of its Charity 2.0 Initiative that aims to revolutionize philanthropy. The platform would allow donors and the public to see exactly where there funds go and how they are allocated. See how Cryptocurency can help people all over the world. Virtacoin Shopping Mall is just the beggining.

    Virtacoin Shopping Mall.  Yes it is true. Very soon you can purchase products in ebay by using Virtacoin and also pay the shipment charges by Virtacoin. When that  happens, big companies will start to purchase Virtacoin from the market and the value will rise beyond our reach.  I suggest you purchase a Virtacoin Online Wallet from [ Click Below ]

    On the left side of your Online Wallet click mining and follow directions for buying Virtacoin. You can also buy from exchanges such as bleutrade and  You should buy before Virtacoin is  beyond your financial reach. Time and tide waits for none. We missed the  bitcoin party, Let’s not miss virtacoins party .Thanks. Get your Virtacoin Online Wallet To-day Here >>

    PS >> Promote Virtacoin with Printed Virtacash [same as paper money]

    If you would like a safe and easy way to acquire VirtaCoin visit the VirtaCoin Promotion Fund.


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    VirtaCoin and Bitcoin Converter! Amazing Value.

    The Converters That Changed Almost Everything

    Although it is no news that you can exchange your Virtacoin to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to VirtaCoin directly, using one address and account created at, a feature you virtually can’t find anywhere else, it however turns out that many are still ignorant of this new development. Others simply do not see anything special in this feature hence ignore it.
    Irrespective of what you think or make of this unique feature, this article will help you understand why this feature changes everything. I will start by explaining the two features separately.

    This converter is the first to be developed. With this converter, Virtacoin users can receive any Bitcoin payment using their Virtacoin address created at The converter then automatically converts or changed the received Bitcoins, to VirtaCoin in the user’s wallet. This means instead of seeing Bitcoins in your wallet, it would be changed to Virtacoins. The conversion rate is however determined by market value.
    One of the greatest advantage or importance of this feature, is that you can use your Virtacoin address to directly receive payouts from Bitcoin faucets. With this feature, you can enjoy two benefits; You can receive both Bitcoin and Virtacoin payments without a sweat. Just send it from wherever it is, and it is sure to land on the same wallet. Isn’t that cool?

    Following the success of the first converter, the Virtacoin community unanimously voiced out the need for a reverse converter. In other words, a converter that can convert or change VirtaCoins to Bitcoins.
    Therefore, a few months after the successful release of the first converter, the second converter was released as well. The release of the VTA to BTC converter was a great breakthrough as it gives Virtacoin users the ability to spend their Virtacoins virtually anywhere Bitcoins are accepted. You do not need to go to the exchange market place to trade or exchange your Virtacoins to Bitcoins before spending them. All you need to do is to:

    1. Login to your online wallet at
    2. Scroll down and choose “Send Bitcoin” And you will see your Virtacoin balance in Bitcoins
    3. Type the amount of Bitcoin you want to send correctly. (Make sure you type it exactly as you are charged by the person you are sending it to), then paste or type the Bitcoin Address you are sending the payment to.
    4. Type your pin. (In case you don’t know your pin, send a mail with “Wallet Pin” as the title, and your wallet address as the message, then send it to
    5. After typing your pin, click send, review in the next page, then confirm.

    Still wondering what’s special about the Converters? Well it’s simple. With the converters, holding Virtacoin is like holding Bitcoins. The only difference is that the rate of conversion between both currencies are based on market values. Therefore don’t be confused thinking the converters will make 1 VTA equal to 1 BTC. The rates adjust as the market value adjusts.

    Good news of course! As a merchant, you can receive payments for your goods and services in Virtacoin, then use the second converter (VTA to BTC) to cash out in Bitcoin. Either way, you won’t lose a dime! Yeah. All you need to do is to quote your prices in Virtacoin based on the current exchange rate of VTA to BTC. Whenever users buy your products with Virtacoins, you can then convert it from your wallet. Or if you are not comfortable with that, you can quote your prices in Bitcoin, then users will use the second converter to pay for your services.
    Irrespective of the method of payments you choose, incline to VirtaCoin, the People’s coin, and you are sure to gain big!

    The converters indeed has changed almost everything. With it, you have a choice. You can be like a chameleon with two colors. You can change from VTA to BTC, or from BTC to VTA with the same account and single address. That’s one of the greatest tools or features unique to the People’s coin, because it is of course, the People’s coin! Try the converters now at , and be sure to tell someone about it. You can also share this article so others would discover why the People’s coin truly belongs to the people.

    VirtaCoin Investment opportunity. Example Bitcoin.

    The people who invested $1 for one Bitcoin a couple of years ago can Today sell that same Bitcoin for approx $300.00.

    Think if you had bought 1000 Bitcoin then for $1000. To-day you could sell them for 300 Thousand Dollars. WOW!




    VirtaCoin? May be you have never heard of Virtacoin (VTA).

    “ VirtaCoin was launched on July 1, 2014 on its official website at by VirtaPay (a former virtual currency and online payment website) in order to give its over 03 million members access to virtual funds or $VP  that they were accumulating since September 2010 –  In late December 2013 it was announced by VirtaPay that they would be converting their entire system into a cryptocurrency similarly to the popular Bitcoin, thus 6 months later VirtaCoin was borned.

    Virtacoin has been distributed uniformly to people all over the world for 05 years, Virtacoin does not have a significant amount of VirtaCoin controlled by a small group of owners. Virtacoin will not give rise to the same problems BitCoin is facing : market manipulation and unstable prices lately.

    Virtacoin will be “The People’s Coin” witch aims for STABILITY and STEADY growth and keep the speculators at bay. VirtaCoin communications are growing on the VirtaCoin market in such a way, that people who buy VirtaCoin can rely on its value to never go down. There are hundreds of ‘altcoins’ and all other crypto coins are focussed on quick profits through speculation. get your VirtaCoin Investment wallet here FREE To-Day

    Virtacoin takes the road less travelled – focussing on growth through mouth-to-mouth promotion. That is a slow process in the beginning but it will pick up pace exponentially as VirtaCoin Investment picks up pace as time goes by.


    More specially, Virtacoin has no central developer group (because of the launch history of Virtacoin), now Virtacoin has over 03 MILLION OWNERS on the world market, this number is LARGER THAN MOST OF THE OTHER ALTCOINS on the market and all member are working hard to make the VIRTACOIN be accepted to use as currency for payment, spend, buy sell product, commodity, services, etc… like Bitcoin
    The purpose of the Virtacoin investment community is to develop Virtacoin to become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for world wide payment. Think of the profit potential you will have with your VirtaCoin Investment. WOW.


    VIRTALOCAL is developing Virtacoin all over the world, with the goal to take Virtacoin to all the people by establish agents all over the world to buy/sell Virtacoin, please view detail at:

    Virtacoin have enough base to succeeed. 3 million people. There are 05 exchangers for VTA:   (you can buy/sell VTA with USD on this exchnager)
    and buy/sell directly VirtaCoin with USD via Paypal, Skrill, Egopay at

    Please believe that Virtacoin has great future potential !

    If you need more information about Virtacoin investment, please see at these below link :
    Office website:

    Desktop wallet:
    Online wallet:
    Blog about development for Virtacoin :
    Projects for Virtacoin: http://www.virtashar…m/wp/
    VirtaLocal project: https://www.facebook…taLocal?fref=ts    (This project will make VirtaCoin top coin, even bypass  Bitcoin)

    Virtacoin investment pool or mining :


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